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Blog Updates

As new information becomes available I’ll add it as an Update to a previous blog post. Sometimes this presents as a reader’s question and my answer. Other times information comes from readers and collectors alike who read a post, recognize a trivet and know more about it, then Contact Me. So be sure to occasionally review these Updates!

Updates to my Trivetology blog

7/7/21: Queen Spirit stove and trivet

7/5/21: The original George Washington trivet

3/27/21: Caring for brass, bronze and copper trivets

3/24/21, 9/05/20, 8/25/20, 5/07/19, 6/26/18 and 4/29/17: Celebrating Virginia Metalcrafters

2/25/21 & 9/23/20: New life for my favorite reference books

1/15/21 and 2/02/19: Trivets and stands with patents

1/10/21 and 8/05/16: A & W Mfg. Co. sad iron heater

11/04/20: George Washington trivet reproductions

10/31/20, 10/11/20: My best trivet Valentine ~ Rimby 12 Hearts

9/23/20: Stove pipe accessory with trivet-like shelves

9/16/20: Iron Talk: Journal of Antique Pressing Irons

8/29/20 and 10/14/19: Robert Emig Products, Reading, PA

8/01/20: Are the A-Z book values still accurate?

6/06/20: Rub While The Iron Is Hot

5/15/20: SS stand with swivel strap handle

3/02/20: GUOOF ~ a rare Oddfellow variant

1/25/20: The PEO Sisterhood Trivet

1/25/20, 1/21/20 and 11/05/19: The fabulous fly trivet

1/08/20 and 12/03/19: Cinderella collectibles

8/29/19: The Iron Art Company, Phillipsburg, PA

7/16/19: The Quick Meal advertising stand

5/01/19: Seed Time to Harvest: the Harner memoirs

3/26/19: “Ned the dog” trivet

7/16/18: “Bonzo The Dog” trivets

2/01/17 and 11/01/16: Rookwood rook trivet

9/28/16 and 6/16/16: Harrison Ditzler & Company acorn “trivet”