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Companies began printing and distributing catalogs in the mid 1800s, documenting their inventory while reaching customers unable to travel to their stores. Collectors today find them both interesting and helpful when researching irons and trivets. Fortunately, some long out of print catalogs are now being digitized.

Robert Emig Products was a distributor of decorative metalware (1956-1980s).

The Iron Art Company distributed decorative metalware (1959-1989).

The Reading Hardware Company (1872-1950). Their 1885 catalog is in the public domain.

The 1983-1884 J. E. Shepard & Company Catalogue is included in the post Stove pipe accessory with trivet-like shelves.

Catalog pages

The following catalog pages are either in the public domain or shared with permission granted at the time of publication of my two trivet books.

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