Collecting, cleaning, displaying, researching, and appreciating TRIVETS and related go-withs!

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I sometimes include a Gallery within a blog post. Here is a convenient access to all the Trivetology Galleries.

Catalog Pages

Robert Emig Products of Reading, PA was a distributor of decorative metalware, including trivets (1958-1980s).

Contemporary Trivets

The JZH Alphabet Series of trivets resulted from John Harner’s interest in preserving Early American trivet designs.

The Virginia Metalcrafters Vacation Series trivets were designed by Horace Randolph Burns.

Antique Trivets

Trivets with Hearts have long been popular. Enjoy this gallery of antique trivets that incorporate hearts in their design.

Jenny Lind Trivets were both beautiful and practical souvenirs of Jenny Lind’s 1850-1852 visit to America.

Panel Trivets are defined by their trowel-shape and an oval, square or rectangular plaque bearing an inscription.


This Gallery of Sprinkler Bottles features some of the most decorative and collectible sprinkler bottles.


Trivets and stands with patents is an introduction to the patent process, featuring examples marked Pat. or Pat. Pending.