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The fabulous Fly trivet

Cast iron, 9″ x 3.75″ with three 1.25″ legs

This fabulous fly trivet is highly detailed on the front and unsigned on the reverse. The measurements are the same as the brass example on p.179 of Kelly & Ellwood’s 1990 book A Collectors Guide To Trivets & Stands (T&S).

Another example appears on p.141 of Esther Berney’s 1977 book A Collectors Guide To Pressing Irons and Trivets. She wrote: “To incorporate animals, birds or insects in trivet designs took greater craftsmanship than producing a similar geometric motif. That is why fewer such trivets were made.”

There’s ongoing debate among collectors as to whether this design represents a fly or a bee; you be the judge. Personally, I still believe it’s a fly, considering the design shows one pair of wings. A honeybee, in contrast, has two separate wings – a forewing and a hindwing – on each side.

Update 1/25/20

This cast iron version of the fly trivet is identical in size and design with the exception of the letters A S on top. It sold 1/25/20 for $131.50 on eBay. Image courtesy of Connie Denstedt.

Update 1/21/20

This is the brass version.It’s measurements match the trivet documented on p.179 of T&S. It was sold on eBay on 1/21/20 for $201.50. Image courtesy of Debbie MacLeod.

Update 11/5/19

Be aware that there’s a Metropolitan Museum of Art reproduction of the Fly trivet, signed © MMA on the reverse. It’s one size smaller than the antique version.

See also “Ned the dog” trivet and The MMA Leaf trivet, two other antique designs also reproduced by the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Revised 3/17/22


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