Collecting, cleaning, displaying, researching, and appreciating TRIVETS and related go-withs!


Hello fellow collectors! My name is Margaret Lynn Rosack (everyone calls me Lynn) and I live in Central Florida. I’ve been interested in trivets and other laundry day memorabilia since the early 1980s. Like many of you, I began slowly by finding trivets at flea markets and garage sales. I’d take them home and hang them on my kitchen walls, but didn’t know much about their age, origin or value.

Things changed in 1994 when my husband Ed bought me a copy of A Collector’s Guide To Trivets & Stands by Rob Roy Kelly & James Elwood. Reading that book cover-to-cover was an eye-opening education in the history, manufacture, and endless variety of trivets. It gave me the knowledge I needed to become a more discriminating collector.

After the year 2000 eBay and other online auction sites provided new opportunities to find interesting trivets. My collection grew in both quantity and quality; before long I’d accumulated enough data to write two trivet books. Many thanks to Bill Schroeder and Collector Books for making this possible, and to Ed for photographing all the trivets in both books!

Besides maintaining my blog Trivetology, I founded and manage The Trivet Collectors Network on Facebook. I’m also the webmaster for the Pressing Iron and Trivet Collectors of America website, their PITCA Facebook page, and my Central Florida neighborhood’s HOA website.

I joined my husband Ed in retirement in 2015; we enjoy spending time together while pursuing our individual interests. You’re invited to visit Ed’s photography blog Central Florida Photo Ops where he posts images of the natural beauty of Florida and the techniques used to capture them.

About my Blog

“Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information on it.” Samuel Johnson

My blog Trivetology is a shared archive of items from my personal collections. I hope you’ll find the images and information both interesting and useful. Although many of these trivets have appeared in my two books, I’ve added additional information, photos and insights gained since the time of publication. You’ll also find blog posts describing new acquisitions to my ever-evolving collection.

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However, I always appreciate any comments, additional information, questions or suggestions you might have. I’ll occasionally add a reader’s information to a blog post in the form of a Comment or Update.

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Until now, the limited amount of existing documentation has made it challenging to research trivets. However, the internet is proving increasingly valuable each year as more images, foundry records and other information are archived.

My hope is that my blog posts will reach those who have knowledge of trivet provenance as well as specialized information on pattern designers, foundries, manufacturers and distributors. It’s always rewarding to learn and share new information through Trivetology! Please Contact Me if you have information to share.