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Queen Spirit stove and trivet


It’s always special to discover an antique in the original box! You may have seen the Queen Spirit trivet before, but here’s the complete set which dates to the 1890s. I’ve had this for 6 years but haven’t yet attempted to polish the nickel finish. Included:

● Nickel-plated cast iron Trivet: 6″ diameter x 2 1/2″ high

● The three legged handles extend the trivet out an additional 1 1/2″

● Brass vented Spirit chamber: 3″ diameter x 1 1/4″ high

● Nickel-plated Lid with 3 parts (regulators & extinguisher): 6″ x 3 1/4″ x 1/2″

● Dovetailed wooden box with sliding lid: 7 5/8″ square x 3 3/8″ high


On face of trivet: QUEEN SPIRIT STOVE
On reverse of trivet: S. & Co. N.Y. and PAT APD. FOR


Printing on label on side of box:
This is a new atmospheric spirit stove. No wick or packing material required. Perfect combustion and intense heat is obtained by the air being drawn through the tube and mixed with spirit vapor during combustion. It is highly finished and ornamental. The flame can be regulated to give a very little heat. There is no danger of heating the table or whatever it rests upon. It is the finest, neatest and cleanest stove for the dining room to date ever made.


The manufacturer of this stove was Silver & Company, 56 Warren Street, New York, NY. Their 5 story building, built in 1881, still stands in the Tribeca neighborhood of lower Manhattan. It was designed by John B. Snook & Son, the same architectural firm that designed the original Grand Central Station terminal. It’s now a residential co-op with 8 units and 2 retail shops.

I’m still researching and hope to locate the original patent registration. Here are some additional images.





Update 7/7/21

Source: The Iron Age Vol. 42, July-December 1888.

This description is located on p. 917, which is #923 in the digitized file.


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