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The Six In One trivet

In the early 1900s, for 20¢ a housewife could own this tool manufactured by the Park Novelty Company of Baltimore, Maryland. It was advertised as useful for “a hundred different purposes” … among which were:

● Beer opener

● Tack Hammer

● Iron Stand

● Lever for Opening Can

● Lifting Tacks

● Scaling Fish

Today this cast iron household tool is as popular with antique cast iron and household gadget collectors as it is with trivet collectors! There were two versions, both measuring 7 1/4″ x 4 3/8″ with two 3/8″ feet. Version #1 (below) has SIX-IN-ONE PAT PENDING on the front. Version #2 (below) has SIX IN ONE MF’D BY PARK NOVELTY CO BALTO. MD. on the front. On the reverse, both versions share the same design with PAT PEND under the handle.

“Patent Pending” starts from the time a patent application is submitted to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and ends when the patent is granted or denied. Most applications are pending for one to three years. I’ve been searching for a while now but haven’t yet been able to find an assigned patent number for this tool. If you have any information, please send me an email via Contact Me. Thanks!


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