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Hutchins Clamp Iron-Stand

This adjustable sad iron stand would have attached to an ironing board or table top, providing a convenient place to rest a hot iron. In the center are the letters CKH for the C. K. Hutchins Company. Around the edge it reads HUTCHINS CLAMP IRON-STAND, BUFFALO, N.Y. and PAT APPL’D FOR. There are no numbers or letters on the reverse.

The stand measures 6″ x 4 1/4″ with two 3/4″ tall feet. Note the two raised ridges on the reverse, between which the clamp attaches.

The hole near the top of the sad iron stand accepts a flat top slotted screw that secures the stand to the clamp. A tight fit to the ironing board or table edge is controlled by the eye bolt underneath.

The C. K  Hutchins Company produced a variety of useful household gadgets. This sad iron stand is mentioned halfway through the ad below, published in the July 1906 issue of “The House Furnishing Review.”

The Hutchins Clamp Iron Stand

“Fits Ironing Boards or Tables”

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