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The Clark Jewel advertising stand

In a 2012 blog post I discussed The Quick Meal advertising stand. At that time I believed it to be an advertising giveaway for the Quick Meal Stove, produced by the Ringen Stove Company in the mid to late 1800s.

Recently I was informed that this Quick Meal stand is most likely the mate to the Quick Meal Gas Iron, also sold by Ringen! I’ve updated that blog post with the new information.

This Quick Meal stand sold for $155.50 on eBay on 2/4/12. On reverse: 1561.

With that in mind, let’s compare the Quick Meal stand to the Clark Jewel stand, produced by George M. Clark and Company. Both stands are 7″ x 5″, cast iron, and apparently share the same mold; only the lettering and numbering are different. DIVISION AMERICAN STOVE CO. appears on each stand.

Both stands are quite rare. Neither is documented in Kelly & Ellwood’s 1990 book Trivets & Stands or in any of my other references.

This Clark Jewel stand sold for $90 on eBay on 5/4/19. On reverse: 1585.

The Ringen Stove Company of St. Louis, Missouri and the George M. Clark Company of Chicago, Ohio were two of at least seven divisions of the American Stove Company (1901-1951), founded by Charles A. Stockstrom of St. Louis, Missouri.

Charles  A. Stockstrom (1851-1935) and his wife Hedwig (1857-1923)

In 1908, Charles and his wife Hedwig built their fabulous 12,000 foot Stockstrom mansion on two acres of land at 3400 Russell Blvd in St. Louis. It remained in the family until 1990, at which time it was sold to a new owner. Over the following twenty years the property was painstakingly returned to its former glory. In 2019 the Magic Chef Mansion in St. Louis opened for tours and special events.

As for the “Clark Jewel” and the Ringen “Quick Meal” gas irons, they are rare as well. Neither is mentioned in David Irons’ three reference books. The G. B.. Child & C. Munzner Sad Iron Patent No. 1,143,507 was filed 7/27/1914 and issued 6/15/1915; both irons appear to share this same patented design.

Thanks again to PITCA member Dennis McDonald for correctly marrying the two stands to their companion gas irons, and for sharing the following documentation on the Clark Jewel Gas Iron.

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