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SS stand with swivel strap handle

I couldn’t resist purchasing this interesting ironing stand! Listed on eBay in January 2020, it was part of the late Susan DeCordova’s collection of cast iron trivets, stands and irons. (Her brother, James Ellwood, co-wrote the book A Collectors Guide to Trivets & Stands in 1990.)

The design forms the letters SS on front. This stand is pictured in T&S on page 211 and noted to be VR/Very Rare. The provenance “D” indicates it was from DeCordova’s collection. No information was found in her records other than this trivet was purchased in 1987 in New Hampshire.


● Cast iron; unusual handle and form. Weight is 10.3 ounces.

● Body is 5 7/8″ long x 4 5/16″ wide with a short cleat at the front and two legs at the back.

●  Guide rail (for iron) along each side.

● The strap handle, which extends out 2 3/8″, swivels and locks behind either leg.

● Tilting forward, it’s only 3/4″ high at the pointed end vs 1 9/16″ high at the opposite end.

● Note the small reinforced hole on the right side.

What was the purposes of the swivel attachment? I suspect it clipped to a wooden ironing board or table for use when ironing.

Has anyone ever seen another stand like this one? If not, that would suggest it might be an OOOK (one-of-a-kind). If you have any information, please Contact Me.

Update 5/15/20

Prissy Chilcutt, a member of The Trivet Collectors Network on Facebook, also has one of these SS stands. It was purchased in 2019 on eBay from a seller in the northeastern USA; no other information was available. Her stand shares the same design and measurements as mine. Thanks for sharing, Prissy!


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