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PITCA Convention trivet displays

I’ve been a member of PITCA ~ Pressing Iron and Trivet Collectors of America ~ since 2003. Each summer our organization holds an annual convention somewhere in the Midwestern USA, the birthplace of the club. My husband Ed and I go whenever we can. Over the past seventeen years we’ve attended nine PITCA Conventions. That’s a pretty good record, considering we’re traveling all the way from Florida.

I always look forward to bringing a display. Although transporting trivets can be a challenge, an effective display can be achieved by carefully packing a carry-on suitcase to meet the 50 pound limit when flying. Of course, I always allow extra time to get through Security, since most TSA agents are not prepared to identify trivets in their X-ray scanner!

You’ll find photos of the displays I’ve presented through the years in the Gallery below.

PS: You are invited to Join PITCA! Whether you choose to attend regional meetings, the annual PITCA Convention, or prefer to participate from home, there are many Benefits of Membership. You won’t find a nicer group of collectors … people you will soon call friends.

Unfortunately the 2020 Convention was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But I’m hopeful conditions will improve before the 2021 PITCA Convention, scheduled for July 29 & 30, 2021 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.




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