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A beautiful “Ober” stand, possibly a prototype

In June of 2007 a circular, nickel plated sad iron stand (trivet) appeared on eBay. It shared some similarities with the Ober Square Leaf design.

At the time I discussed this trivet with several other collectors. The fact that it was unsigned, which was not Ober’s practice, raised some doubts. As an Internet auction, not being able to examine it was a stumbling block. But one thing we all agreed on was that it was fascinating and rare! The ending eBay price, after fifteen bids, was $202.

Tim Martien’s unusual “Ober “stand: nickel plated cast iron, 6 1/4” in diameter w/4 feet.

Tim Martien of Chagrin Falls, Ohio was the winner of that eBay auction. I was able to locate and interview him for my second book (The Expanded A to Z Guide To Collecting Trivets, 2010, page 126). He provided the image above and shared the following:

“I was thrilled to have the opportunity to purchase the very special “experimental” Ober style trivet on eBay in 2007. It is round with four sharply defined rose buds and a buckeye sprig in the center. Instead of marketing this design, I believe the Ober Company elected instead to produce a similar but smaller model having a little less sharpness of detail: the Ober Square Leaf design with a five-leaf buckeye sprig.”

From my collection, a nickel plated cast iron Ober Square Leaf stand: 4 1/4″ with 4 feet.

Tim passed away in 2012. I often wondered happened to his Ober collection (and that elusive trivet) until I came upon this ended Cowan’s auction from 9/17/16.

Image shared here with the permission of Cowan’s Auctions at

This was Lot #198 of Ober collectibles. It sold for $150 and was likely from the estate of Tim Martien. In the years since I’ve never seen another stand like Tim’s “experimental Ober”. If you have some additional information, please leave a Comment below or Contact Me. Thank you in advance!

PS: See also The Ober Manufacturing Company.

Tim Martien in 2009 with his Ober collection, featuring his “experimental Ober.”


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