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Virginia Metalcrafters vacation series trivets

Being a life-long resident of the eastern United States, it’s been fun collecting these 1960s era Virginia Metalcrafters trivets! Over the years I’ve visited each of these destinations and these trivets bring back a lot of pleasant memories. So far I’ve found a total of seven different designs. If you know of any others, please contact me!

Notice that all the trivets are signed HB. Horace Randolph Burns (1910-1994) was a pattern maker with eighteen years of service at Virginia Metalcrafters. He developed new trivet patterns for the company, carving them from wood. Each pattern was created slightly larger than the finished casting, due to the fact that molten metal shrinks as it cools. For example: cast iron will shrink 1/8″ for every 12″ poured; that shrink rule is referred to by trivet collectors as “one size smaller”.

If you have a copy of Kelly & Ellwood’s book Trivet & Stands, you’ll find two photographs of Horace Burns on page 34. And for more information on Virginia Metalcrafters, see my blog post from June 2016: Celebrating the past and future of Virginia Metalcrafters.


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