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Rogers Clean Grip clothes pins

“Go-Withs” are items that enhance a collection. Many trivet collectors enjoy collecting and displaying related laundry items, and these vintage plastic clothes pins are a great example.

This unique style of clothes pin, circa 1950s, was manufactured by the Rogers Plastics Corporation of North Wilbraham, Massachusetts. It was named “Clean Grip” because the plastic did not stain or discolor wet laundry the way wood and metal clothespins could.

The clothes pins measure 3 5/8″ long  x 3/4″ wide and came in a variety of colors. The back of each head reads: “Rogers Clean-Grip Pat.Pend”. Counterclockwise from the top are 5 Father, 5 Mother, 6 Baby and 4 Cat.

Rogers Clean Grip Clothespins, front view (above)

Back view (below)

Rogers also made a Dog clothes pin which is not represented in the images above. The dog version is less commonly found.

Below is another, simpler version of the Rogers Clean Grip plastic clothes pin. From the package advertising, Rogers Clean Grip Plastic Clothes Pins had the following attributes:

★  Longer Life ~ Durability

★  Non Staining ~ Non Soiling

★  Snag Proof ~ No Splinters

★  Easier To Use

★  Positive Grip

★  Easily Washed


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