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The Iron Art Company, Philipsburg, NJ

The Iron Art Company of Phillipsburg, New Jersey was in business from 1959 to 1989. It was a major distributor of cast iron products in the 1950’s and 1960’s, contracting with independent foundries to provide the castings. Operations at the Iron Art facility included light assembly, bolting the components together, and dip painting of ornamental iron objects.

Iron Art logo on packaging

Although Iron Art used Phillipsburg as their official business address, the location of the Iron Art facility was actually four miles away in Alpha, NJ. Their official address was listed as Iron Art Company, 3rd and Vulcanite Avenues, Borough of Alpha (NJ), County of Warren: Lot #4, Block #96.

The property was originally the site of the Bernard Canavan Coal Company from 1928-1951. That land was purchased in 1955 by Melvin H. Friedman & John A. Zawarski, who constructed a building that would eventually house the Iron Art Company in 1959. William Grovatt is recorded as another co-owner/operator from 1986-1989, after which Iron Art closed.

In 1995 the former Iron Art property was purchased by Jim & Jack Sheridan, co-founders of the Sheridan Printing Company (now Sheridan Communications). Prior to the transfer of the property, the New Jersey E.P.A. ordered the facility to be cleaned of any hazardous wastes. Any remnants of Iron Art products littering the place were also disposed of at that time.

Mini Swan Iron and Trivet, stock # LB29

Since I only have one Iron Art catalog in my collection, I’ve shared all 16 pages. The cast iron items presented are typical of those produced by many mid 20th century American foundries like Wilton and John Wright. You’ll notice that trivets were but a small part of the decorative items that Iron Art distributed. Most castings were signed IRON ART on the reverse; some also bore a stock number. In the example shown, only the mini trivet is signed IRON ART; the little swan iron is not.

Reverse of Mini Trivet, signed IRON ART


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