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Another Good Luck cat trivet from the UK

British Shorthair Cat by George E. Koronaios
CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In August 2018 I discussed two Good Luck cat trivets from the UK. Recently I won a third interesting cat trivet on eBay that features a cat with almond eyes … could it be a British Shorthair?

Here are the original eBay auction photos and the listing description, shared with permission of the Australian seller scrimshaw01.

This delightful piece of English cast iron is a stove trivet – designed to hang of the edge of a stove, pot etc. It simply hooks over any edge as shown in the pics, whereby the kettle or a pot could be set aside off the heat to cool a little. Crisply cast and a rare piece of registered English cast iron – marked to back as shown. The piece measures approx 15 x 14cm (5.9″ x 5.5″) and as you see is in stunning condition. Weight for packing is 540 Grams (1 pound 3 ounces).

As you can see, the trivet has an adjustable firebar on the reverse, allowing it to attach to a parlor stove or hearth.

On the front are the words Good Luck. On the reverse is No. 25 and the British Registered Design number Rd 589405 for the year 1912. By my measurements this trivet is 6″ long and 5 1/2″ wide.

After a light polishing, this firebar trivet is ready to display. My favorite polish continues to be Glorifying Antique Furniture Polish. It’s a citrus and beeswax polish designed for wood, but it’s also great for polishing and protecting decorative cast iron. Directions: lightly apply the polish to a clean, dry trivet; let it sit for about 5 minutes, then wipe off and buff to a beautiful shine. Here are my photos, taken after polishing. I removed the washers and hex nut and substituted a proper antique cast iron wing nut.


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