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An exquisitely designed 1877 British trivet

This beautiful cast iron trivet is one of the rarest in my collection. Possibly a Christopher Dresser design or Dresser inspired, it measures 6 1/4″ in diameter with three 7/8″ long vertically scored feet. On the reverse is an extremely sharp Registered Design (Rd) Diamond, identifying it as a product of the United Kingdom. By interpreting the numbers and letters on this Series 2 (1868 to 1883) diamond I know that this trivet design was registered on June 23, 1877.

For information on understanding and deciphering British registered design markings, see Dating English Registry Marks at the Phoenixmasonry Museum and Library.

Christopher Dresser (1834-1904) was a Scottish born botanist, industrial designer and writer whose maxim was “form follows function.” He designed in many mediums, including metals. His trademark was a simple, clean and modern aesthetic, which he incorporated into machine manufacturing, producing everyday household items that were handsome and sophisticated. There was an Anglo-Japanese flavor to them, a recurring theme in his work after making a government sponsored trade trip to Japan in 1876-1877.

Today I sent an initial email contact to The National Archives in England to inquire if they could research the registration of this trivet. Hopefully this perfect Rd Diamond will enable them to initiate a trace.


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