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50th Anniversary Girl Scouts USA trivet

Girl Scouting in the United States was founded in 1912 by Juliette Gordon Lowe (1860-1927) of Savannah, Georgia. This cast iron motto trivet, in the shape of the traditional Girl Scout membership pin, was cast in 1962 and commemorates the 50th Anniversary of scouting.

Although not signed WILTON, this trivet was produced for the Girl Scouts by Wilton Products, Inc. of Wrightsville, Pennsylvania. Each trivet was protected within a shallow cardboard box bearing the Wilton imprint.

To my knowledge there was no Wilton hang tag with this trivet. Details:

● Mint in the original box.

●  Metal: cast iron, dipped in dark green paint with gold and light green accents.

●  Measurements: 6 ⅞” x 7 ⅛” long with three ¼” peg feet.

●  Weight: 9 ½ ounces.

●  On face: 1912-1962, 50th Anniversary Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. and the slogan “Honor The Past Serve The Future”.

●  On reverse: flat and unsigned, except for the lot number “1” along the right side.

For more information on the life and accomplishments of Juliette Gordon Lowe I recommend this article by Dr. Kelly A. Spring (2017) for the National Women’s History Museum.

Juliette Gordon Lowe (on right) officiating at a pinning ceremony.

Public domain image.

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