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Replating my Fortune Range trivet

In September 2019 I wrote about an interesting cast iron advertising trivet I purchased on eBay: The Fortune Range Lantz-style trivet. I was hoping someone would read my blog post and contact me with further information, but so far there’s been no response.

I’ve continued to search but haven’t found mention of the proprietor, James S. Madison. As for the range? It’s possibly the Fortune Gas Range, circa 1912. Modern in design, it stood on on tall, slender legs, making it a desirable and attractive addition to the early 20th century kitchen. Note the nickel plated accents.

This original 6.25″ x 9″ advertisement, circa 1912, was purchased from Period Paper and came with a Certificate Of Authenticity.

Back to the trivet. I’d never seen this design before and bought it, assuming it would be easy to clean and restore- but I was wrong! I made several attempts to clean it, with only limited success. While removing persistent layers of grime, it became obvious there was a deteriorating nickel plated finish underneath.

So I decided to have it professionally restored. In November I contacted Brian Spandl of Mill Lake Metal Finishing in Long Prairie, Minnesota. Brian has refinished several items for me in the past including a Rub While The Iron Is Hot British trivet and my Queen Spirit Alcohol Stove. I mailed the Fortune Range trivet to him on November 19th and he returned it on December 22nd.


Measuring 4 7/8″ diameter with four pad feet.

While this restoration likely approximates how the Fortune Range trivet looked when new, a knowledgeable collector would not mistake it for an original finish. Nickel develops a lovely, muted patina over time that’s almost impossible to reproduce.

However, doesn’t it look amazing? I’m happy with my decision to have it restored. Now it’s both display worthy and protected for the future. It would look amazing displayed alongside the Fortune Range advertisement.

About Mill Lake Metal Finishing

Brian Spandl
Mill Lake Metal Finishing
28655 County Road 29
Long Prairie, MN 56347-4579
phone: 320-594-2799

In this YouTube video business owner Brian Spandl demonstrates the refinishing process, which includes nickel plating.

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