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The Fortune Range lantz-style trivet

I’ve admired and collected Lantz trivets for a long time but it’s been years since I’ve discovered a design unknown to me.

Collectors categorize Lantz trivets by the intricacy of their circular design, size (less than 6” in diameter), and their paw feet. Other trivets that are similar in size and design but have pad feet (like this one) have been grandfathered into this definition. The Expanded A-Z Guide To Collecting Trivets (2010), p.42

In early July 2019 I noticed an unusual circular trivet on eBay. Described as being in used condition with paint worn off and a little rust, it measured 4 7/8″ in diameter x 3/8″ high. Listed at $195, the seller offered a “Best Offer” option and accepted my bid of $125. That’s a lot of money for a Lantz trivet, but I felt it was a fair price for such an unusual design. And I didn’t want to waste time haggling, afraid of losing the opportunity to purchase it.

On closer examination the inscription reads JOHN S. MADISON SELLS THE FORTUNE RANGE  CLINTON N.J. This trivet is unsigned on the reverse and is without cracks, chips, or structural damage. It’s magnetic, confirming that it is cast iron. Under a layer of grease and dirt are several silvery areas, indicating it was originally nickel-plated.

Update 6/7/22

Typically, when a trivet sells high that fact doesn’t go unnoticed; others soon appear on the market. I placed a Fortune Range trivet Search on eBay in September 2019 but nothing ever showed up.

I recently spotted a similar trivet, Lot 252991, in the June 2022 Arnie Stein Pressing Irons Collection auction on Proxibid. It’s nickel-plated in the same design, this time advertising W. H. STILES  146 N. 2D. ST.  PHILADA (for Philadelphia, PA).

Image courtesy of Fahey Sales (A Jeff Martin Auctioneers Company), Glencoe, MN.

With this new discovery of a second Fortune Range advertising trivet, the search is on again! The likelihood is high that other sellers had customized trivets made. Contact Me if you have any information to share.

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