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The Bradley Good Luck Iron Stand

This is a very nice example of the scarce Bradley Patent sad iron stand. It was likely an advertising piece for their uniquely designed horseshoe. Let’s explore the origins of its interesting design.

Made of cast iron, this sad iron stand measures 5 3/4″ x 4 1/4″. Above, on the front, are the words GOOD LUCK IRON STAND and a buckled strap or belt.

Below, on the reverse, are the words BRADLEY COS. PAT FRANKFORD PHILA PA and seven ✚ shaped supports, identified in the following patents as “cruciform caulks.” The definition of cruciform is cross shaped; having four parts arranged in the form of a cross.

There are two 1 1/4″ long, uniformly (machine) filed gate marks ~ one on each side, as shown below.

Patents registered

At least two US patents with this style of horseshoe were registered by W.H. and G.W. Bradley.

★ 1901: Design Patent #35,002: The W. H. and G. W. Bradley “Horseshoe” was assigned a design patent on August 27, 1901. Notice there are SEVEN supports on the reverse of the sad iron stand, just as in this patent figure. Since this is a design patent, only appearance (not function) is discussed.

★ 1903: Utility Patent # 740,623: George W. and William H. Bradley were assigned this utility patent on October 6, 1903 for their improved horseshoe with NINE “cruciform caulks” on the reverse. The patent description explains how this improved design would better support the horse’s hoof, provide better traction, and resist getting clogged with earth.

Further questions

#1: What was the significance of the buckled strap or belt featured in the design?

#2: I’ve found mention online of a Bradley Patent Horse Shoe Company. Was it owned by the same Bradleys who submitted these patents?  Was their horseshoe with cruciform caulks successfully marketed? I have not yet found any examples of, or advertising for, this patented horseshoe.

If you have any additional information, please Contact Me and I’ll share your information as a blog Update.

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One comment on “The Bradley Good Luck Iron Stand

  1. marianbeaman
    October 2, 2022

    You mentioned that the good luck iron stand is scarce. I’m guessing that would increase its value.

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