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“The Nightingale Trivet” mystery

Do you need some light summer reading? How about a murder mystery where the weapon is … a trivet?

From page 42: “Casey was staring at the black iron trivet that lay on top of the librarian’s desk, just beyond his reach. The long sculpted figure dressed in flowing robes was entirely too familiar, and as if to establish her identity beyond all doubt her name was emblazoned across the trivet’s base. JENNY LIND. Eleanor’s trivet.”

This 6.6 x 4.1″ mass market paperback was written by Russell Mead and published in 1982 by Raven House. Copies are still available on Amazon. This book is a fun conversation piece to add to any trivet collection!

My suspicion is the “murder weapon” photographed for the cover was actually a JZH reproduction Jenny Lind trivet.

Cast iron, 8 3/4 x 4 1/2″ w/three feet.

On face: JENNY LIND. On reverse: J.Z.H. 1945 E.

This is a John Zimmerman Harner Alphabet Series trivet. John Harner’s interest in preserving rare trivet designs led him to develop and cast a distinctive collection of cast iron trivets, an Alphabet Series featuring a different design for each letter of the alphabet. Finely crafted from original antique castings and produced between 1944 and 1955, these reproduction trivets were a balanced representation of the wide variety of early trivet designs. J.Z.H., date, and alphabet letter are inscribed on the back of each trivet.


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