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PITCA ~ the national organization for iron and trivet collectors

I casually began collecting trivets in the 1980s, but didn’t know much about them, other than they looked great on my kitchen walls. Getting my first copy of Trivets & Stands (Kelly & Ellwood, 1990) opened my eyes to their history and to the endless possibilities of trivet collecting.

But it wasn’t until I joined Pressing Iron and Trivet Collectors of America (PITCA) in 2004 that I was introduced to the much larger universe of laundry related collectibles. I’ve learned so much from this wonderful group of collectors! Now my home displays include … not only trivets … but also a small fluting iron collection, a respectable number of toy irons and trivets, and over two dozen sprinkler bottles. I’ve shared many of these objects in previous blog posts here at Trivetology.

I would encourage my readers to explore the PITCA website. Click on the tabs to reveal subtabs that contain a wealth of information. Currently one of my favorite areas is Spotlight/Videos. There you’ll find some fabulous collections of irons, trivets, mangle boards and washing machines. Another favorite area is Conventions; the subtabs open priceless windows into the PITCA experience.

There are many Club Benefits  that come with joining an organization as long established and well respected as PITCA. Many of our members attend regional meetings and/or our annual convention in the Midwest; others prefer to participate from home via the Members Only section of our PITCA website. Either way, PITCA provides many unique opportunities to grow as a collector and to network with others. You won’t meet friendlier, more knowledgeable folks anywhere.

Join PITCA and get involved!

Annual PITCA Membership

$45: USA membership with a PAPER COPY of our quarterly newsletter, Pressing News, mailed to you.

$30: USA or Foreign membership with a DIGITAL COPY of our quarterly newsletter, Pressing News, available to you online to view and/or download.

$55: Outside USA (Foreign) membership with a PAPER COPY of our quarterly newsletter, Pressing News, mailed to you.

The 2013 PITCA Convention display I presented on British Royalty Trivets.

PS: For even more information about our organization, see also the 1/1/18 blog post entitled Join PITCA!

Update 9/15/19

Yes…and…there is NOTHING like being surrounded by people who love irons and trivets…collect them…sharing ideas and information. This is a welcoming, loving group and I love EVERYONE in the club. Each year the convention is like coming home, a family reunion of collectors. I see irons I have never seen before.

Melissa Blankenship, PITCA member


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