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“The Best” combination handle and stand

Did you know that the Enterprise Manufacturing Company produced a detachable sad iron handle with a wire side rest attachment? Patented in 1900, its advertising claimed to eliminate the need for a trivet.

The inventor of this handle was Charles P. Mosher of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. On December 4, 1900 he patented nine different design variations numbered USD33655 through USD33663. Here is a Link to several of those patents.

Enterprise’s “The Best” handle (also known as the “No. 200”) is documented on pages 8, 13 and 15 of theΒ 1904 Enterprise Manufacturing Company Catalog, shared as a public service by the Internet Archive.

We have greatly improved “The Best” Handle by the addition of a Wire Side Rest. The effect is to carry the Stand with the Handle at all times. The user will appreciate the value of this as it obviates the possibility of loss or breakage of the old style stand (trivet) at inopportune times.

One combination handle was included in each boxed set of Enterprise Family Sad Irons. The wooden boxes themselves were well crafted of solid wood with dovetailed joints. “The arrangement of our Sad Irons makes them attractive and convenient for the tidy housekeeper, and a tasty, suitable present, always appreciated.”


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